Our principal focus is to provide investment management services while preserving and prudently developing our clients’ wealth. By working closely with our network of experienced professionals, we offer exceptional oversight and strategy, both domestically and internationally, so that our clients’ focus can remain on their personal endeavors. We place our clients’ best interest at the core of our business by offering independent and intimate service so that complex financial situations can be transformed into efficient solutions.

The Oberlin model is driven by investment professionals who are charged with the responsibility of being excellent listeners always placing client interest at the forefront. Oberlin crafts client solutions that are constructed cognizant of the clients’ overall financial situation and individual family circumstances. Every Oberlin client has a “Wealth Management Plan” that provides a guide for the day to day management of client financial affairs. Wealth preservation constitutes a core value in the Oberlin wealth management process, while tax efficiency, cost management and superior asset allocation serve as the principle drivers in achieving client goals.

Wealth Stewardship

wealth managementThe most important aspect of wealth management is the need for wealthy families to embrace the notion of the “Stewardship of Wealth”. Like any resource wealth must be stewarded, cultivated, nurtured and its powers harnessed for the good, if not it can be a powerfully divisive force in families and can create anxiety and uncertainty rather than comfort. A good steward of wealth will consider not only its monetary value but its role within the family and its impact on the environment and society.